The Language Traps -- and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 11/24/18

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving time. Now back to work: Five bits of SEO advice, courtesy of our followers' mentions over the past week.




Google: Disavow File Spaces Does Not Cause Sites To Drop In Ranking

Don't worry, by happy.

The funny thing is, the dates of the drop and recovery directly coincide with the Google Halloween update on November 1st and then the update on November 7th. I would think it was related to these algorithm shifts versus the disavow file based on what I've been seeing and John's comment.



How to SEO Optimize Your Multilingual WordPress Site

Multiple languages doesn't have to bring multiple headaches.

First, keep in mind that you are duplicating content when you make translations of your site. That is absolutely fine as long as you communicate properly with Google that you have multiple languages. Use the hreflang tag to make sure Google understands.



How to optimize your Instagram account for search engines

Your Instagram account isn't hidden from Google. You know that, right?

While Instagram is not an SEO-friendly platform, taking these extra steps will help your Instagram profile and posts turn up in search results when similar brands will likely be invisible. We recommend working these steps into your process to give your Instagram profile a boost in visibility.



Voice search and local SEO: How to get started?

I never heard about voice search. Maybe I should google that. Ok, Google?

For a marketer, a micro-moment is a crucial fraction of the buyer’s pre-purchase journey. Hence, micro-moments need to be tapped correctly as these can nudge the buyer into purchasing from your business.



5 SEO trends that will matter most in 2019

1, 2, 3, 4 and five.

You get it, right? With your mobile version being the primary one for ranking, there’s no excuse to procrastinate with mobile-friendliness.


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