The Art of SEO -- and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 10/13/18

There's a constant, relentless war going on between search engines and those who would would rather hack through everything to get ahead. The art of SEO reads like the art of war. Five bits of SEO news, courtesy of our followers' mentions over the past week.




8 Project Management Tools for Scaling a Digital Marketing Agency

Scale up, or scale down. Scale up, bro!

You need a project management tool that suits your agency. Using the right project management platform can help ensure your team doesn’t get sidetracked while continuing to knock their goals and tasks out of the park.



40 Highly Effective Marketing Tips Small Business Owners Need to Know [Infographic]

40 tips packed in a single linear graphic. You should definitely email this to yourself, right now!

They break things down into the following categories: Content marketing, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Online PR, Search engine marketing



Website redesign mistakes that destroy SEO

Don't be like Banksy: you just can't afford it.

Redesigning a website, whether it’s your own or a client’s, is an essential part of marketing today. It’s essential because technology, trends, and the expectations of users change over time, and if we want to remain competitive, we must keep pace with these changes.



How to Come Back From an SEO Penalty

SEO is an uphill battle. Always be ready to fight!

One of the most important things that a website can do is it to add value to what its visitors see. Similar to cloaking and spamming, the effort to add value can take multiple forms. Every website should have a particular narrative, of course -- a story which lets visitors know what the site has to offer and why they should stay.



3 Changes to Mobile Page Speed & How It Impacts Search

The fog of algorithm wars may have blinded you for a while, but now you see.

This is a big deal because, while it is still relatively easy to optimize your “optimization score” by running through the checklist and focusing on your technical SEO, it is very difficult to directly influence your “speed score.” In fact, if your website is graded “slow” it might be for a variety of reasons that are out of your control.


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