So Long, Facebook, and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 08/18 to 08/24/2018

Is the social media bubble is slowly imploding, or did Facebook just blew it? The more you click, the less you understand: why Neil Patel regrets his fame. Here are the SEO-related stories with the best click-through rate of the week.




Goodbye, Facebook traffic. Welcome back, SEO, we missed you?

The war is over. Facebook won. It's tme to take back SEO.

As news publishers’ Facebook referral traffic continues to fall, what are they supposed to do? Well, they could always try search engine optimization, which saw a mini-renaissance in coverage this past week.



How to Use Life Event Targeting in PPC & Social Ads

You ought to know what goes on in the real world before you plaster is with ads.

Targeting in a way that is more personal can not only yield better ROI, but build a relationship and loyalty with new customers by meeting their needs at that moment.



I Wish I Never Built a Personal Brand

... says Neil Patel, the best known "personal" brand in the world (of Internet marketing.)

I’ve slowly been transitioning. That’s why I spend more time building up the Ubersuggest brand than I spend building the “Neil Patel” brand. And I know my ad agency Neil Patel Digital is based on my name, but I’m ok with that as I never plan on selling it.



The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 3

Bing? What's that?

The Keyword Research tool allows access to Bing’s research data to get the organic query volumes for keywords on Bing, as well as related keywords. Unlike other search engine query tools, the volume is not rounded, so you can get a realistic snapshot of traffic volumes and how the traffic is trending over time.



Google Local Search Packs Now Show Posts from Google My Business

Yep, you need to be on Google My Business. Because everyone else does it.

Those who publish Google My Business posts should check their insights to see if the new tab in the search results has had a noticeable impact on views and clicks.


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