SEO Rocks Recap 07/06/2018
This Week's Best, July 7, 2018 edition

Let's go over the most popular SEO-related posts of the week, according to our readers and followers.


A Timeline: Ranking on the First Page of Google Results

Love takes time.

SEO is not instantaneous, but with elbow grease applied over time, you can see awesome results in rankings, website visits, and leads.


14 Powerful Link Building Strategies That Will Increase Your Authority on Google

Link building is the new black. Not everything is black and white: it's time to try something from the gray zone.

Mark is the Founder and Managing Director of Red Website Design, a low cost web design and internet marketing company based in the UK..


5 Tactics to Drive Website Traffic That Aren't SEO

Not everything is SEO. In fact, almost everything has nothing to do with SEO (thank God!)

Video is an extremely effective yet underused form of content marketing. Although many businesses focus on blogs and Instagram followers, for example, video initiatives receive high numbers of shares and views.


The growing importance of remarketing audiences in Google paid search management

You get what you pay for. Keep it.

In the big scheme of things, the paid search industry is still in the very early phases of truly tackling such testing. But with the explosive growth of the click share coming from these audiences, it’s becoming increasingly important that we consider both incrementality and the potential for personalization in using audiences for paid search management.


4 SEO marketing strategies to employ right away

Make your content genuinely useful and ten times better than the ones that are already currently ranking. This way, you can be more confident that people will get more value when they visit your site.


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