SEO Rocks 06/30/2018
This Week's Best, June 30, 2018 edition

Let's go over the most popular SEO-related posts of the week, according to our readers and followers.


How will blockchain impact SEO?

Bet a Bitcoin on it.

Instead of a global-wide dismantling of present powers that be, we are poised to see a gradual and selective implementation of blockchain principles. One of the areas of priority is ad fraud, a problem that costs advertisers a great deal of money.


Google Search Console Analytics API now has 16 months of data

Most things are getting better with age, until they don't.

When Google began rolling out the new Search Console, it came with 16 months of data in the new beta interface. The old interface did not see a longer history of data, nor did the API. But that has changed, and now the API lets you go back as far as 16 months of history.


Become An SEO Expert By Conquering The Google Answer Box

What's your answer? Google wants to know.

It is also important to understand that Google provides an answer box to many queries that are not questions. Questions only make up 41% of featured snippets. That means there are many other keyword phrases that have snippets.


Local SEO Checklists & Search Ranking Factors

There's only so much you can do. Wait... there's more.

To channelize your local SEO campaigns in an optimized fashion, it is prerequisite that you check for the over-said Google ranking factors SEO checklist and related local SEO strategies, and guarantee all Local Search Ranking Factors are all around set, and in place.


Your SEO Strategies Are Not Effective Unless…

Is this a clickbait title?

Ask yourself what could be going wrong with my SEO plan? There are many things that can make your SEO strategies ineffective. For example, your timeframe might not be realistic. Remember that SEO is a long-game strategy, not a short game strategy.


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