SEO Annoyances, courtesy of Chrome 69 -- and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 09/22/18

Spam is fake (meat.) Links are sometimes fake too, like bones with no meat whatsover. Welcome to the world of fake SEO! Read on for related bits of SEO news, courtesy of our followers' mentions over the past week.




Google Explains Why Charity Sponsor Links are Sometimes Spam

Would you donate to this spam?

The phrase, “natural part of the web” reminds me of what former web spam team manager Matt Cutts used to say about reciprocal links. Matt said that reciprocal links happen naturally so don’t worry if your site has a reciprocal link here and there. Don’t try to actively get rid of a link to another site just because that site links to you.



24 SEO Tests You Should Run To Boost Performance

24 ways to testing your SEO.

Longform content can boost your rank. That’s why you should expand the length of blog posts with low word counts. Take a look at some of your older articles. You’ll likely find that you’re more knowledgeable about some of those subjects now. If so, share that additional knowledge with expanded content in those articles.



How small businesses can see big results with foundational SEO

What is foundational SEO anyway?

Understanding the language of your customers is the foundation that good search engine optimization is built on. This is key not only to improve your rank in the organic search results but also to help convince users to click on your site and then get in touch when they arrive.



The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 6

Bing: more than just another tool to master.

Check to see if you are making progress with building your backlink profile. At the end of the quarter, I pull together trending reports that have a synopsis of each of the reports so I can step back and monitor the trend lines. For traffic and conversions are the up and to the right, flat, or down. It gives me an idea of what items within my site management toolbox I need to dig into and potentially act upon.



Google Chrome 69 & SEO Annoyances

Is Chrome secretly working towards voiding all your SEO efforts? Find out...

Google does not show featured snippets here, yet - so there is really no lose here, I think. Factual searches normally don't drive too much traffic to sites where Google just shows the answer at the top anyway.


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