Google Tag Manager mistakes, an SEO-friendly A/B Testing Tool and Other SERP challenges
The week in news 07/21 - 07/27 2018

GTM! Not so simple, is it? It turns out SEO wizards need to know a lot more about JavaScript than they want to. Such is life! The most clicked SEO-related articles of the week, according to our readers and followers.



Ask an SMXpert – Google Tag Manager

You don't know GTM. Or do you?

Always start with your measurement plan! I cannot stress this enough. Unless you carefully define your goals and KPIs, you will inevitably fall into the trap of measuring things just because you can. Translating these business requirements and website goals into a tagging strategy should be a collaborative approach between marketing and development.



Pros and cons of using online business directories

Are we re-living the Web 2.0? Find out if you want to invest in updating the many business directories out there.

Using online business directories helps search engine optimization by adding more inbound links. When a potential customer sees the online directory listing, they can click to go to your website. Search engine crawlers love that re-direction — the more backlinks in the form of external site click-throughs, the higher your Google ranking.


A/B Rankings

Stand up, look good and stand out. Yeah!

By making your link look more attractive than the others on Google's top ten, you can pull more searchers to click on your listings - just as the PPC advertisers do.


The SEO challenges of an ecommerce website

Lesson learned: maintaining an e-commerce website it's not as easy as it sounded when you first started.

As an ecommerce store, you need to update as many product information as you can, especially for the products that you want to rank on. Also, try to work on duplicate content and write unique content for all the products you have.


26 SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better Rankings on Google [Infographic]

You're getting there -- up in the ranking. Here's a list of what you should pay attention to. Check it and check out what you missed.

Here are the five I see most often: Sluggish page speed, Not optimised for mobile, Zero social media presence, Not creating engaging content, Not promoting your content effectively.


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