All for one -- and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 10/20/18

All for one, and one for all. It's interesting to know that a lot of SEO work can be performed by the browser, in browser, for everyone's browsers. Five bits of SEO news, courtesy of our followers' mentions over the past week.




Before Hiring An SEO Agency

Scale up, or scale down. Scale up, bro!

It’s crucial to ask this question before signing a contract. Be sure you’re choosing the agency that that offers the SEO services that you need. For that reason, it’s worth to know what types of work they’ll provide you.



7 Essential SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins

40 tips packed in a single linear graphic. You should definitely email this to yourself, right now!

The vast majority of people use browsers to access the web. But most SEO professionals take it a step further and use those same browsers to do a lot more.



Free Online Marketing & SEO Icon Set (50 Icons, PNG & SVG)

Don't be like Banksy: you just can't afford it.

No matter what type of marketing or SEO campaign you’re currently working on, you will no doubt find a relevant illustration in this fantastic free icon set,



Just Because You Call Yourself The Best, It Doesn't Mean You Should Rank For The Best

SEO is an uphill battle. Always be ready to fight!

Just because you give your company name a generic name that describes the business you are in, it doesn't mean you will rank well in Google for your name.



Valuable SEO Lessons Learned

The fog of algorithm wars may have blinded you for a while, but now you see.

If you can do NOTHING else for your SEO program other than write great content than write great content as frequently as you can. It will make a difference across so many levels.


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