AI and SEO Finally Converge -- and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 09/08/18

SEO is not complicated. Good SEO is. Did you know that? Read on for some SEO-related articles with the best love from our followers over the past week.




Google Ads and organic rankings

Discover how to mix and match ads with your SEO efforts.

So, it doesn’t relate directly to you paying for Ads [AdWords], it relates to you having more website traffic overall, and to people talking more about your brand. It works like that. And yes, that makes it worth even more, I guess.



Make Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Boost Your SEO Ranking

Yes, AI and SEO are converging. Sort of...

Artificial Intelligence makes use of a unique and supercomputer to analyze data also this machine simply, can’t be able to read, see or respond, they have no emotions. While AI can take the bulk amount of data analysis off your shoulders, it is still your task to provide unique, quality and informative content. The arrival of artificial intelligence has changed modern SEO drastically.



How to Manage Risk in Social Media Marketing

It's a fact: there are multiple risks in using social media: losing your job over a drunk tweet or a typo, getting caught cheating (in words), to name just a few. Even marketers have to manage similar risks. See what it's all about.

Knowing the risks and its impact is the first and essential step to manage the social media marketing risks. Here are some risks associated with social media marketing and advertising.



Internal Linking & Mobile First: Large Site Crawl Paths in 2018 & Beyond

How to appear natural when linking to your own pages.

Overall, the most scalable method for getting large numbers of pages crawled, indexed, and ranking on your site is going to be on-page linking — simply because you already have a large number of pages to place the links on, and in all likelihood a natural “tree” structure, by very nature of the problem.



10 Best Ways to Identify a Good SEO Company

Good SEO companies are hard to find. Or are they? You're in the right spot.

If you want to be successful in the digital sphere, you need an experienced SEO company to guide your business in the right direction. These experts are aware of what is happening in your industry and can provide you with exceptional results. The SEO Company you choose should have a full understanding about the dynamics of the local as well as the global markets.


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