Technical SEO Audit

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URL Delimiter Check

The default URL structure should use hyphens (” – “).

Why do hyphens matter?
Using _ or , as your URL structure causes search engines to read URL strings wrong. Search engines read – as spaces. Using them ensures your content will be read the right way.

URL Friendliness

URLs should be structured (when possible) to be clean, short, memorable and shareable.

Why does URL friendliness matter?
User experience signals (SERP click through rate in particular) are increasingly important ranking factors. Short, clean and readable URLs drive more SERP clicks than non friendly URLs.

Absolute/Relative URLs

Relative URLs are often used by web developers as shorthand to code internal links on a website. They do not contain the full URL, but still link to the destination page. Absolute URLs contain the full URL string when linking internally to another page.

Why does it matter?

Relative URLs are SLIGHTLY better for page loading times and easier for developers when coding HTML. Absolute URLs are better for SEO as they contain the full URL string, better optimized for search engine crawling.
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