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Anchor text

A link embedded in text (hyperlink), typically relevant to the content it’s linking to, that can be clicked on.

Why do Anchor text Links matter?
Anchor text helps Google understand the relevancy and topical nature of the page that it’s linking to.

Broken Links

A standard HTTP response code that indicates the server on which the site is hosted could not find the page requested.

Why do broken links matter?
Broken links are natural part of the web however, having too many broken links will give users a bad experience and loss traffic. There are better ways to redirect traffic from 404 to relevant, live material.

Logo Link

The hyperlink in the logo image of the website

Why do logo link matter?
For branding and making your logo synonymous with your homepage. Easy navigate to your homepage by clicking on your site wide logo.

External Links

Links that take the user offsite.

Why do external links matter?
Increases the topical relevance of your content. Helps readers find additional resources not included in your site.

No Follow Links

Typically you want to nofollow outbound links.

Why does use of nofollow links matter?
Follow links pass credit, trust and link equity which means you’re telling Google you’re vouching for it. Having too many follow external link will bleed the juice on your website.

Malicious Links

Links coming into your site from irrelevant spam sites.

Why do malicious backlinks matter?
They can have a direct impact on your seo and cause spam penalties. They can shape the topical relevance of your site.

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