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302 redirects

Tells search engines that a page has been moved temporarily.

Why do 302 redirects matter?
302 redirects do not pass SEO equity, meaning if you redirect a page, the link value does not pass through. It may prevent content on the new url from indexing because Google believes at some point you will revert back to the redirected url.

Redirect Chains

A string of multiple redirects from one location to another.

Why do redirect chains matter?
Having too many redirects may cause the Googlebot to eventually stop following the chain. You lose “link juice” with each redirect.

Broken redirects

A link that takes you to an error page.

Why do broken redirects matter?

Lead to bad user experience. Low quality score of your website. Negatively affect your ranking in the SERPs.

nofollow Stats

A command telling Googlebot not to pass any equity, trust or credit through a link.

Why do nofollow links matter
If you want to pass link equity through an outbound link or through an internal link on your site. If you’re link building and getting nofollow links, you’re getting diminished returns on your effort.

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