Technical SEO Audit

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A data providing tool by Google to monitor and maintain your site’s performance.

Why does GA linked to SC matter?
Give you data to improve visibility and user experience on your site. It will inform you of critical issues that have an affect on your site’s rankings. Give you data that you can use to optimize your website for better conversions

Internal Links

Links that point to other pages within your website.

Why are internal links important?
Internal links pass link equity across your website. Establishes a hierarchy within a category (read more on “silos”). Improves user experience by making it easier to navigate.

Manual Actions

A spam penalty that has been issued to a website by a manual Google review instead of algorithmic penalty.

Why do manual actions matter?
Manual actions penalties can negatively affect your site’s rankings. You have to request Google to remove the penalty once you’ve addressed the issues by submitting a reconsideration request. They can be site-wide or partial – penalties have a major impact on your ability to rank higher in search engines.

Page Not Found Errors

When a page on your website has been removed or moved and the URL in question could not be found on your server. A 404 (page not found) error is shown to the user.

Why are page not found error important?
You want to be aware of page not found errors so you can address them properly so users are not landing on error pages.

Pages Blocked

These are pages on your website that the Googlebot is not crawling due to directives in the robots.txt file.

Why do Pages Blocked by Robots.txt matter?
At times, you can accidently block the wrong pages from being indexed by search engines. Simply removing this directive can mean an instant boost in traffic.

Pages Indexed

The number of pages on your website that are in Google’s Index, aka eligible to rank in search results.

Why do Pages Indexed matter?
If your pages are not indexed, they will not be found in search. Pages not getting indexed is a sign that your site has a penalty or low authority with search engines.


Links to pages on your site shown below the meta description in the SERP.

Why do sitelinks matter?
Sitelinks have been shown to improve CTR. They present your site as a more authoritative resource. Takes up more real estate in the SERPs. It also allows the user to navigate straight to the pages on your site that are relevant to their search query.

Sitemap Indexation

The amount of pages on your site that have been indexed.

Why do Sitemap Indexation matter?
It will tell you if any URLs are not accessible or are blocked by robots.txt.

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