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A trail, or secondary navigation, clearly visible to website users to help them navigate your website.

Why do breadcrumbs matter?
Search engines crawl from page to page through links. Breadcrumbs enforce page hierarchy and navigation to search engines. Breadcrumbs also help users to navigate content, particularly on eCommerce websites with a number of product categories and high page depth. If you have a content heavy website, users can get lost deep in your site. Breadcrumbs help to easily find their place and continue browsing, without having to use the top level navigation to return. This check is better for eCommerce sites, less important for smaller sites with low pages.

TLN Analysis

Top Level Navigation is the main menu and navigation on a website.

Why do TLNs matter?
TLNs have a tremendous impact on both search indexation and the overall user experience. Users want a logical, easy to use and find menu that clearly directs them where they need to go.
Search engines want the same thing – your top pages should be linked to from the TLN, whether that’s a dedicated section or a drop down depends on the amount of content on your website.

Footer Analysis

Why do footers matter?
You can’t link to every page on your website from your TLN (unless you have a small website). Footers provide a great opportunity to pass equity to various pages or sections on your website.

Site Structure Check

This refers to the number of ‘clicks’ your pages are away from the starting URL.

Why does site depth / structure matter?
Both search engines and users shouldn’t have to click 1,000 times to get to important content on your website. SEO best practices state to keep important content (i.e. pages you want to rank) within 4 click of the starting URL (i.e. your home page). Basically what that means is target pages should be easily accessible from top level nav, footer or located within a few clicks of these pages.

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