Schemas and Architectures -- and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 10/27/18

Schemas and architectures: getting the foundations straight. Five bits of SEO advice, courtesy of our followers' mentions over the past week.




Developing a schema strategy for local business: An interview with Schema App’s Martha van Berkel

Are you still wondering what to do about schemas?

Keeping in mind that schema markup helps understanding, I suggest thinking about schema markup as a strategy for helping the right customers find the right content on your website so that they’ll want to engage or buy from you. So with that in mind, I recommend you think of your schema markup strategy in the following way:



What Is Website Architecture? A 3-Minute Rundown

You don't need to be an architect to optimize a website... but it would probably help.

Google has witnessed people stuff keywords into their internal links’ anchor text to try to beat their algorithm for years. But the search engine actually creates specific algorithms to punish this kind of behavior.



 Ask Yoast: Site migration and rankings

Using Yoast to help you migrate your site while staying up in the ranks.

t’s worth it in the long run, especially if that other domain is not used anymore, because otherwise, that reflects poorly on your business as well. So I would take the hit, and do it. Good luck.



Why Google Cache lies to you and what to do about it (if anything)

Google lies. How surprising!

The idea behind Google storing cached pages is simple: it lets users browse a page when the page is down or in the event of a temporary timeout.



How to use personas to create more relevant content

If you're serious about your content strategy, you need to start building using personas and target the audience you need to grow.

With the help of personas, you can get more detailed insights into the needs of different relevant user prototypes. This gives you a clearer picture of the needs of your audience and creates added value for both the business and the targeted groups of people.


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