PPC Monsters -- and other news
The week in SEO-related news, 11/17/18

Holidays: it's that time of the year when you need to release the ad monsters who've been hiding under the bed. On with the PPC metrics. Five bits of SEO advice, courtesy of our followers' mentions over the past week.




 Google: Higher Page Count Means Nothing For Search Rankings

Size does matter, but not the way you think it does. That's what Google said.

An old poll from 2013 is where most SEOs believed that Google ranks large sites better than smaller sites. Although, how you define large vs small sites is a bit up in the air. Recently, John Mueller said that the frequency of content publishing also doesn't influence ranking.



Tips for Improving SEO Rankings for Your Local Real Estate Website

Rent or buy, lease or sell, here are some tricks of the Real Estate SEO masters.

Conquering our local real estate market won’t be that difficult once we learn all the tips and tricks regarding SEO. We’ve given just a few of them here. Now it’s time for everyone else to start doing SEO properly and claim their success.



How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic

On strategy leads to another.

The beauty of creating content around trending topics is that it is relatively low risk with potentially high rewards.



PPC toolkit expands with Bing Ads Scripts’ cross-account operations

Bing ads for the bling.

Many reporting scripts rely on Google Sheets to store the analysis in a format the user can easily view or use for further analysis. Unfortunately, there is no support for spreadsheets (or Excel) in Bing Ads Scripts at the moment.



Holiday PPC Strategy: 8 Steps to Drive Greater Profit This Year

Drive more traffic and sales; get more from your advertising strategy.

Beyond building audiences, it’s a good time to start thinking about how audiences will be leveraged across platforms and how to track that performance.


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