Technical SEO Audit

Findability refers to how easily website information can be found by both search engines and website visitors. This section will cover how accessible your website’s content is to external bots and internal users.

404 page

A page that alerts users and search engines when a given resource has been removed from your site.
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4xx errors

4xx are errors that occur when the request to the webserver fails. The most common is a 404 -- page not found -- error.
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5xx errors

Technical errors generated when the server fails to render a page.
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HTML sitemap

A sitemap that lives on a web page, not an XML file.
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Refers to the status of a website in Google's index: how many pages on your website are indexed.
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Refers to the HTML commands that describe how content splits into multiple pages but should be treated as one.
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Refers to robots.txt: a file that instructs search engines on how to access your website.
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Robots meta tag

Refers to an HTML tag placed on a page to provide search engines with instructions on how to interpret that specific content.
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Extensions of your root domain that you can use for hosting public content, testing, and private content.
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Refers to the ability of your hosting server to keep your website online and minimize downtime.
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XML Sitemap

An XML file that helps search engines better crawl and understand your website.
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