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How to make sure Google cares

This excellent post on Ahrefs goes over the steps that website owners should go through in order to get their web property noticed and indexed by Google. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Remove crawl blocks, rogue noindex, and canonical tags, low‐quality and orphaned paged;
  • Update your sitemap;
  • Add and fix nofollow for internal links;
  • Include only valuable and unique content and backlinks.

Unless you’re already familiar with the inner workings of search engine optimization, you’re probably wondering what these things are, and how to go about executing this optimization without sinking all your time and resources. The article is rather generous in answering those questions, as it goes into most of the details you’ll need to take care to accomplish your goals.

Here’s how the author summarizes the process of SEO:

Finding what your customers are searching for; creating content around those topics; optimizing those pages for your target keywords; building backlinks; regularly republishing content to keep it evergreen.

While the latter summary is right in principle (broadly speaking,) it is also skewed by a particular outlook on what an SEO strategy should be. I’m not going to be into the details of why and when these steps particular apply -- or don’t -- as this is the subject of another series of tutorials we’re currently working on.



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