Double Jeopardy
Playing the game of SEO

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Jeopardy, SEO edition. In this version of the popular game, CEOs and founders will compete against each other as they try to solve all the trivia they need to address before they dive into online marketing and search engine optimization.”

Sadly, the long-winded pitch I made to back up the above announcement didn’t go very well with the TV producers in Hollywood. Half-way through my presentation, they ridiculed me and soon laughed out of the room. According to the studio execs, the planned game show would be one of the longest and most boring series in the history of American television.

I have to admit that these executives were likely right in expecting the non-existing show’s popularity. I must have over-estimated the public’s appetite for matters such as Google’s algorithms, corporate branding and business KPIs. No doubt that Jeopardy, SEO edition would have gone nowhere, fast.

Marketing — and by extension, SEO — isn’t very exciting. It’s a long game that requires careful strategizing, and most of all, patience. It’s a game that businesses can only win when everything aligns perfectly. A game business players who know should only entertain that not only what they are doing but also why and how they will do it. SEO is a long-winded game. Look up this recent post to get an idea of the categories that would have shown on the game screen:

  • Brand
  • KPIs
  • Lead mapping
  • Content calendar
  • Budgeting
  • Tech stack

... just to name a few.

Business goals drive digital content, and digital content drives SEO. Maintaining these three poles in perfect alignment is a challenge you cannot underestimate.



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