The Growth Bullshit
Keeping your Content Real

In the opening of  “How we got 11.3 million pageviews without the growth hacking bullshit”, author Ali Mese reminds his readers that almost everything they’ve been told regarding growth hacking is bullshit. Without digging too much in the details, we need to warn the potential readers about some obvious flaws in the premises of the said article:

  • the author works for a so-called growth agency
  • the title of the article is obvious click-bait
  • the proposed alternative to the bullshit he denounces, while hopefully filled with good intentions, is the prototype for many of the hacks it is meant to replace
  • the author fails to concede that pageviews are, in too many cases, as meaningless (a.k.a. bullshit) a metric as anything else he denounces.

If you read the post and can somehow manage to disregard the flaws mentioned above, you can't but acknowledge that on the core of the issue, the author is on the right track: the vast majority of growth hacks are indeed bullshit. Bullshit in the sense that those hacks are nothing but tricks that never perform nearly as good as advertised. Come to think of it, marketing, in general, is an application of bullshit, even if and when it delivers on its promises.

Everywhere we look, there’s so much bullshit that it is becoming hard to separate what we see from what is real.

What is bullshit? Bullshit means exaggerated, deceitful, pretentious, and boastful statements that don't match the reality they are supposedly describing. Politics is bullshit. The TV is bullshit. The web is bullshit. Your job is bullshit. Sometimes it seems like everything is plain bullshit. And it feels like the only way to get ahead, and away from all this bullshit is to spew more bullshit of your own.

Yes, I concur with the author of the article: real beats bullshit ... in the long run. You need to be both patient and consistent. I could say the same for SEO: if your content is real, then it probably doesn’t need much search engine optimization. Bu is it?



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